Water Not Hype

At Niagara, we believe in healthy hydration without the hype. Flashy, extravagant, frilly, expensive…that’s never been our way.

We value family and community. That’s why we’re doing our part to create a more sustainable future, like reducing our carbon footprint through our lightweight packaging, switching to electric vehicles, and installing solar panels. But we can’t do it alone. Take the pledge to do your part by recycling, and we promise we’ll do ours. Together, we can make actionable change in our communities.

Recyclable Bottle AND CAP

Our bottles and caps are made of PET which has the lowest environmental impact of any bottling material.


Our Eco-Air Package® uses the least amount of plastic possible, reducing CO2 emissions when transporting.


It takes roughly half the fossil fuels to make our PET plastic bottles vs. aluminum cans.


Some of our facilities use solar panels and electric forklifts, which help us reduce our carbon footprint.

*Excludes label and outer packaging, which may not be recyclable in your area.


Niagara created a fake water brand to prove a very real point. Watch as people fall for the hype—and check out their reactions when they find out the truth.

Curious about bottled water facts and science?

Learn more from the Drinking Water Research Foundation


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Have you met Nia? 👋 (Pronounced, Naya–as in, Niagara!) She’s our resident AI dedicated to keeping you healthy and hydrated.Keeping a water bottle handy is just one way to keep hydration top of mind. What are some other ways you prioritize hydration? 💧#StayHydrated #HydrationTips #DrinkNiagaraWater
We’re excited to celebrate World Water Day with our our new nonprofit partners, @folarorg. Through our charitable organization, @niagaracares, we will combine efforts to educate, connect and mobilize Angelenos on the River starting this year.With Friends of the LA River, we can protect this important resource and serve our local communities through river clean-ups, habitat restoration, education and much more!Watch here for updates, and stay hydrated this World Water Day!#WorldWaterDay #NiagaraWater #NowThatsRefreshing
It's the start of spring, and warmer temperatures mean more time for outside activities and … a greater need for hydration! 💦 Stock up on Niagara Water to fuel all of your spring activities this season. 🌼#SpringTime #NiagaraWater #StayHydrated
This March, we’re cheering for all these incredible athletes giving it their all on the court!Whether you’re on the court or watching from the couch, make sure to keep Niagara Water on hand to stay hydrated and happy. Which college team are you cheering for? ⛹️‍♂️🏀#MarchMadness #NiagaraWater #NowThatsRefreshing
Let’s raise a bottle (of water) to all of the many achievements made by women throughout history, and to the many more to come. Niagara is cheering you on! ✨Happy International Women’s Day 🧡#InternationalWomensDay #WomensHistoryMonth #NiagaraWater
Meet Nia! 👋 (Pronounced Naya) She’s our resident AI, here to serve up helpful tips on all things health and hydration.Have you taken time to hydrate today? 💦#StayHydrated #HydrationTips #DrinkNiagaraWater
Did you know that proper hydration can have a powerful effect on your mood? This Presidents Day, we’re following President Lincoln’s lead by making up our minds to stay hydrated and happy.Keep plenty of Niagara Water on hand to make sure hydration is always an easy choice. 💧#PresidentsDay  #NiagaraWater #NowThatsRefreshing #HealthyHydration
Congratulations to Teresa and her family on winning the 2023 Refreshingly Fun Sweepstakes! 🎉 Get ready for an epic adventure at @unistudios or @universalorlando. We hope you enjoy every moment. Thank you to everyone who joined the fun and entered the contest! 🙌#NiagaraWater #NowThatsRefreshing #UniversalStudios #UniversalStudiosHollywood
Quenching your thirst for 60 years! Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to bringing you high-quality hydration. Here’s to six decades of great-tasting water at a price you love! 💙💧#NiagaraWater #NowThatsRefreshing #StayHydrated
Big thanks to @musicwill and our dedicated @drinkniagarawater volunteers for helping us bring the joy of music to students this holiday season! We’ve donated instruments to seven schools, empowering students to unleash their creativity and open doors to a world of possibilities. 🎶#NiagaraWater #NiagaraCares #MusicWill #SeasonofGiving
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