Our Commitment

Niagara is committed to responsible resource usage and integrating sustainability into every aspect of our business.


*Excludes label and outer packaging, which may not be recyclable in your area.

Tips & Tricks

Here's How You Can Help Recycle


Plastic food trays, jars, and paper containers can be recycled if they are empty and dry. And remember to put the lid back on plastic or glass containers.


Cardboard boxes like empty pizza boxes are also recyclable. Flatten all the cardboard boxes before putting them in the bin.


Keep the cap on your bottle so it doesn’t get lost in the recycling stream.


Switch to reusable forks, knives, and spoons because most recycling centers won’t accept plastic cutlery.


If you use a bag to hold your recyclables, dump the contents into the bin and reuse the bag.


You can compost at home by putting loose tea leaves and coffee grinds in plant soil, or use lemon rinds to freshen your garbage disposal.


Plastic bags aren’t always compatible with your local recycling center, but your local store may recycle them. Look for a “store drop-off” bin next time where you can recycle plastic bags and other packaging materials like bubble wrap.


Our Eco-Air Package® is recyclable via store drop off, so remember to take the wrap with you when you head back to the store for another case of Niagara.



How2Recycle provides resources and education on how to recycle various materials. It explains recycling labels on packaging and links to recycling centers near you.


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Congratulations on getting this project off the ground, Clermont! 🙌 We’re so excited to see the results. In the meantime, head to NiagaraPerkYourPark.com to learn more about our commitment to community through perking parks. PYP 2022 launches 8/1. Be ready!
This summer, take the break you need to rejuvenate your spirit and RFRSH your soul. How will you make the most of the season?
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads in every form who lift us up 💙 Share this with a dad in your life to let them know you love them to the moon and back!
Visit the link in our bio to join the Waterhood, a pledge to always recycle. For every pledge, we donate $5 to The Recycling Partnership*. Together, we can make a splash and give the Earth the RFRSH it needs.
*Up to 50,000 in 2022
Let’s RFRSH our outlook on life. Here’s a feel-good fact, pretty much proven to make you smile 💛 Cheers to the good in life, we’ll raise a bottle to that any day ☀️ Find Niagara water near you at the link in our bio.
Every conversation is a chance to inspire each other to be our best✨ Now that’s RFRSHing.
Someone wanted to spread some seriously good vibes and turned this tree into a colorful creation.  Now that’s RFRSHing. If you see any RFRSHing moments in your community, tag @drinkniagarawater or send ‘em our way—we love to share!
Last year, Clermont Arts & Rec Center won the opportunity to give their park a $90K RFRSH 🙌 This year, we’re ready to do it again. 10 parks have been selected, and 3 parks will win. Follow along for your chance to vote this summer!
This Memorial Day, we take pause to honor our fallen soldiers and are proud to work with @Volunteers_of_America. Since 2016, Niagara has contributed over $150,000 and hundreds of hygiene kits, supplies and clothing to support their veteran programs.
We’re a family owned company, dedicated
to the health of our communities and environment.
That’s why packaging innovation is so important to us. Learn more about PET plastic and its low environmental impact at the link in our bio.
Boost your workout with Niagara! Find Niagara water here to stock up. What’s your favorite way to workout? Find Niagara water at our link in bio to stock up.
Happy Mother’s Day! Moms are actual superheroes, so send one of these to the moms in your life and let them feel as special as can be today 🌸
May is National Biking Month 🚲  This is your sign to get outside and do something positive for you and your community. Another positive thing you can do is join the Waterhood. For every pledge, we donate $5 to The Recycling Partnership. Bike on! Click the link in bio to take the pledge today.
When we’re tired the first thing we reach for is coffee. It might give us a temporary boost of caffeine but the crash leaves us even groggier and dehydrated. Try starting your morning with a big bottle of water, proven to increase energy and focus.
It’s National Picnic Day! This is your sign to get out to your favorite park and enjoy the sunshine ☀️ Let us know in the comments how you plan to spend today. Visit the link in our bio to find Niagara near you.
Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates 🐰  Holidays can be sweet-heavy days, which is delicious, just be sure to mix in some  Niagara water to stay balanced and refreshed.
Visit the link in our bio to find Niagara near you.
Look how many amazing people are joining the #Waterhood! For every pledge to recycle, we donate $5 to the Recycling Partnership. Are you in? Take the pledge at the link in our bio.
t’s World Health Day, let’s all remember to stay hydrated and healthy with the proper amount of water. https://bottledwater.org/how-much-water-should-i-drink-a-day/
Visit this helpful site for recommended daily water intake. Pass this along to friends and keep the hydration love going.
April Fools! We love a good mac and cheese, but not in our water. Don’t worry, your favorite high-quality affordable water is here to stay. Now that’s refreshing.
You’ve heard of coconut water, maybe you’ve heard of maple water, but have you heard of mac and cheese flavored water? Welcome our newest flavored water to the Niagara family. Let us know in the comments what you think of this new flavor!👇
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