Our Products

No hype, just essential refreshing beverages for every part of your life.

Our Products

No hype, just essential refreshing beverages for every part of your life.


High-quality purified drinking water with a crisp, refreshing taste.

Spring WATER

All-natural spring water with a crisp refreshing taste.

Distilled Water

Distilled through a meticulous distillation process and comes with an easy carry, easy pour handle for convenience.

1 gallon


Purified water with minerals added for taste. Great for mixing with infant formula and/or cereal.

1 gallon

Sparkling Water

All-natural sparkling water with a crisp refreshing taste.

Curious about the different types of water Niagara produces?

Pure, Quality Water

At Niagara, we focus on giving you water that meets the highest quality standards. Watch this video to find out more about the multi-step process our water goes through to become the great tasting purified drinking water you love!


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It’s never too early to instill sustainable habits in your little one's day. Let’s start by recycling your water bottles! ♻️🌎 Join the Waterhood via the link in bio and make the pledge to always recycle. #NiagaraWater #Recycle #NowThatsRefreshing
This Memorial Day, we are proud to partner with @opgratitude to offer care packages that support the courageous men and women who serve our nation. We are forever grateful for your service!🇺🇸#MemorialDayWeekend #DrinkUp #StayHydrated #UnofficialSummer #JoinUsOnTheJourney #20YearsAndCounting
The weather is *finally* getting sunnier! It’s almost time for weekend BBQs, pool days, and basking in the sun at the park. Make sure your coolers are stocked and ready for the new season with refreshing Niagara Water!➡️ Head to the link in our bio to find some near you.#StayHydrated #DrinkUp #NowThatsRefreshing #StockUp
Raise your bottle if you agree, recycling is better when we do it together! Join the Waterhood to be part of a community dedicated to always recycling. It’s easy to make the pledge, just head to the link in our bio.Help us spread the word and tag your friends below! ⬇️#Waterhood #Recycling #NowThatsRefreshing #BetterTogether
Introducing our Refreshing Reveals miniseries, a bite-sized way to view all the amazing before and afters of our Perk Your Park winners!Our first episode features Clermont Park in Florida. Watch as their community garden dreams become a reality ✨To watch more, visit the link in our bio!#NiagaraPerkYourPark #RefreshingReveals #ClermontPark
“Drink water today, you must” -Yoda, probably.#StarWars #MayTheFourth #NowThatsRefreshing
Our friends at @keepamericabeautiful are hosting their annual Great American Cleanup. Looking for a way to give back to your community?Help beautify some parks and outdoor spaces near you and sign up to volunteer from March 21-June 22 here:
http://ow.ly/kFfL50NmuR5#KeepAmericaBeautiful #GreatAmericanCleanup #Volunteer
Yay Spring is here! And unfortunately so are allergies 🤧 Did you know your body naturally produces more histamines when dehydrated?Keep the sneezing at bay and sip up!Head to the link in our bio to restock on Niagara water today.#Spring #NiagaraWater #WarmerDaysAhead #Sunshine
Happy Earth Day! We love finding creative upcycling hacks—did you know you can turn your Niagara Water bottle into a quick-fix flower vase? Another easy way to celebrate the Earth today is by making the pledge to always recycle.Head to the link in our bio to join the Waterhood and let us know if you have any upcycling hacks!#Waterhood #EarthDay #Recycling #NowThatsRefreshing
Is this every friend group once they hit 30 or just us? Tag the besties you never see but love forever below! 👇#MomLife #BusyMom #NowThatsRefreshing
Get ready, this month we’re launching an all-new product: the Niagara Water Scented Candle! Expertly handcrafted by a water sommelier with notes of oxygen, and twice the amount of hydrogen. This candle is sure to fill your home with the refreshing scent of crisp ✨nothingness✨#NewProduct #SmellsLikeWater #Innovation #NowThatsRefreshing #AprilFools
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